Moto Hose update

Hello and thank you for visiting Moto Hose.
 I just wanted to make sure you everyone is  aware that Moto Hose is currently closed and will be for a couple more weeks while I am recovering from a total knee replacement.
Monday 4/25/22 marks 14 days since the surgery.  I am hoping to start using a cane to walk soon. When I can walk and stand in one place for a short period of time, I will begin shipping out orders as fast as I am able. I will be starting with the oldest orders first. Depending on when you placed your order and my ability to stand to fill orders it could be roughly 3-5 weeks from today. 
Please understand that responses to any inquires will be delayed and we prefer emails, and messages to phone calls or text messages.
Thank you for your understanding,
Steven Jewell, Owner of Moto Hose

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