What are the benefits of using a Moto Hose Silicone Radiator Hose?

A Moto Hose Silicone hose is made of a much better material than a stock rubber hose. A Moto Hose Silicone Hose will with stand a much higher internal pressure than a stock rubber hose.  A Moto Hose Silicone Hose will withstand a much higher external temperature than a stock rubber hose .... think bent exhaust pipe.

In the 2013 San Diego SX main event Moto Hose rider PJ Larsen had his CRF450R header bend into the Moto Hose radiator hose. 20 lap main event and The Moto Hose did not fail saving his race.


What is a Y hose kit and What are the benefits of using the Y kit over the STD kit?

A Moto Hose Y Hose kit manufactures 3 hoses into one eliminating the stock plastic Y fitting and 3 hose clamps that are prone to fail.

Less Weight:. The weight of the Moto Hose 2014 CRF250R Silicone Y Radiator hose kit and Air Box elimination kit was 4 oz or 1/4 of a pound weight savings! This weight reduction in either titanium or carbon fiber would lighten your wallet considerably more!

Moto Hose Silicone radiator hoses are durable withstanding operating temperatures from -104 F to 360 F degrees and internal burst pressure up to 130 PSI.

Due to many variables your individual results may vary.


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